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IM Target Review

IM Target Review

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This is our IM Target Review. For more information on IM Target, click the link below:

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IM Target will take the average person who would like to earn a living online, and teach them how to do that step by step. Do you want to be the next person who tells their boss to shove it because you are making more money from home than in your job? Are you tired of working online and having no success regardless of what you try? Many people have this problem. They have a problem trying to find the right niche, then getting a website that converts visitors into sales. You can bypass all these problems with IM Target.

Once you have launched your online business and it starts to succeed, you will want to know how you can manage your business so you can grow. You now have your own real business and it’s important to know all the right moves to make. The object is making money. IM Target has all the information laid out for you. You learn exactly how running an online business works and how you will be able to manage your business day to day.

This is my IM Target Review.

IM Target Review – What Is It?

IM Target is a system that teaches you how to build a successful online business. The information in the program teaches every-day people how they can use simple tools and systems to get started online profitably. The key is select the right niches and then building multiple sites, rather than trying to work out what market to go into and then putting all of your eggs in that one basket.

IM Target teaches you how to dominate virtually any niche and how to get your sites to rank at the top of Google and other search engines. It is amazing how much information they have packed into this program and how much it can teach you.

After selling millions of dollars worth of products, and knowing what works and what doesn’t Anik Singal and his team have created IM Target and jammed it full of information so regular people can finally succeed, regardless of how much you already know.

IM Target Review – What I Like

There are a lot of things I love about IM Target, especially how Anik Singal and his team teach new students how to generate search engine traffic to websites that are also brand new.

If anybody reading this IM Target review has ever bought anything from Anik Singal then you’ll know that it’s going to be the best quality and it is going to deliver. Anik and his team are always compiling data and information so they can bring you the best training possible. You’ll see that they  haven’t held back with IM Target either.

IM Target Review – What We Didn’t Like

If I could really put my finger on it and come up with one idea that I didn’t like about IM Target, it’s the fact that it mostly revolves around doing simple stuff that might get boring after you’ve done it a few times.

Having said that, Anik Singal and his team have created a very good program for people who would love to create top ranking websites that make money, and they give you the help you need so you can outsource all of the boring stuff anyway.

That’s pretty much it. With what they go through in IM Target you will be well on your way to creating a profitable business using simple little websites.

IM Target Review – Overall Thoughts

Overall, I really like IM Target. It’s an awesome plan that will allow you to create a successful online business and become very good at it.

This system is one of a kind, because it teaches you how to be the person who calls the shots, and  shows you the right way to make money online without overwhelming you with stuff you don’t need.

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IM Target Review – Making Big Money From A Small List

IM Target Review

IM Target Review

In this section of our IM Target Review, I’m going to dispel one of the biggest myths doing the rounds, and that is you can’t make money from email marketing unless you have a huge guru-sized list. It’s really important that you understand this, because if you can build even a small list of people who love you and what you are writing about, you can make a VERY good living while helping people at the same time.

It seems that a lot of people struggle to build an email list, and it’s not really that hard to see why. Despite the millions of pages written about list building by thousands of people, lots of people tell us at IM Target Review that building a responsive list is largely still a mystery, especially if you are just getting started in business.

And even though some people go through the motions of putting up an email capture form and sending messages, making any real money through email marketing seems like it’s reserved for others.

IM Target Review – The Most Important Business Asset

A list of people who regularly buy the stuff you recommend truly is your most important business asset. Frank Kern calls the people his lists ‘The Mysterious Stranger’ because these are the people who pay for his incredible lifestyle. You too can have your own Mysterious Stranger.

But as we tell everybody we discuss list building with at IM Target Review, the most important part of list building is getting started, because it doesn’t matter if you only have half a dozen people on your list at the beginning, if you work at it and follow the steps below, you’re going to start making headway, even if you’ve never been able to make a dime from a list before.

So follow these principles and you’re list building and email marketing will start to get much easier and more profitable.

IM Target Review Principle 1 – Treat Your Readers Like They Are Friends

The most important thing you can do if you want to build a list of people who interact with you and respond to your messages is this – Always treat everyone who subscribes to your list like you would if they were your best friends.

This has two big benefits: Your emails will opened, read and forwarded to friends and family much more often. And your readers will be much more likely to buy the products you recommend when you run a promotion. The bottom like here is to give your readers helpful advice and honestly try to HELP them, regardless of whether they ever buy any of the products you recommend or not.

Now you might be wondering how you go about building a list of people like this. The easiest way  the IM Target Review team have found to do that is to go out and find out exactly what your market is starving for. What are the issues keeping them awake at night?

What problems do they have that they’d happily pay money to be rid of? What are the monkeys they have on their back that are causing them some kind of pain. Once you have discovered the biggest problems, fears, anxieties and phobias people in your market have, you can move on to Step 2.

IM Target Review Principle 2 – Go Out And Actually HELP People

When you’ve found out what your readers really want, start by giving them advice and information that actually helps them start moving towards the solution. Show your readers how to take the first few steps towards solving that big problem or removing that fear. Then once you’ve helped them, you’ll have much less trouble selling them products or services that get them the rest of the way towards getting the rest of the way towards where they want to be.

Using email marketing profitably is not simply pitching your readers on one product after another day-in day-out. You should factor in only one product recommendation for every 4 to 5 messages. Your other ‘touches’ should be helpful content, funny stuff, articles and videos you found interesting. You know yourself, think about how you feel when you get messages every day from people pitching product after product. It’s not a lot of fun is it? So don’t submit your subscribers to that kind of stuff either.

IM Target Review – Some Final Thoughts

If you want people to look forward to receiving messages from you, take it steady and you’ll make a LOT more money than if you just try to sell sell sell. If you get this right, you’ll find people can seem to go into a trance when they are reading your messages, and that means they often buy more of the things you recommend. So that means you are helping people as well as making a lot more money in the process.

I really hope this IM Target Review post has given you more confidence that you can build a profitable online business. And you can get everything you need to do it starting today at IM Target. Or if you’re not sure, read our IM Target Review to learn more.

IM Target Review – How To Build A Business In Less Than 5 Minutes Flat

IM Target Review Training

IM Target Review Training

In this IM Target Review update, we wanted to let you know that Anik Singal has released a new training video where he shows you how to launch a business in 3 minutes and 15 seconds, live on the screen.

He kind of gives you a complete blueprint for how to go from $0 to $10K a month.

You don’t need experience to do what Anik shows you either, which for many people is a big problem. Most programs that really work need you to have some sort of existing experience if you want to make any money from them.

IM Target Review – Build A Real Business

What you’ll see in Anik’s new IM Target training video is something that lets you build a real business that’s what he calls ‘Google Safe”. That means you won’t wake up one morning and find Google has made some changes that destroyed your business overnight.

Not a nice place to be… and that is what has happened to thousands of people over the last couple of years with the Penguin and Panda updates.

The important thing to remember is these changes are going to keep coming. That’s why you need to build a business that works with Google and give them what they want if you want to have piece of mind.

IM Target Review – What You Need To Succeed

Now admittedly, you won’t be making big money right away with what you learn, but you’ll be able to launch a business that has a high probability of succeeding, which for most people is the hardest part. That means you’ll have a proven formula to follow that all you have to do is replicate what you’ve been doing over and over again.

As Anik says in the video, you need 3 things to succeed online:

  • A System – something that needs no thinking – it just works
  • An Optimized Website – NOT just a website that sits there and does nothing
  • A Coach – without a coach, you’ll likely fail

Anyhow, he goes into more detail in the video, and shows you how to launch a new business using these 3 elements in less than 5 minutes.

Watch Anik’s new IM Target Video Training Here

IM Target Review – Attracting Buyers Instead Of Freebee Seekers

IM Target Review

IM Target Review

In this IM Target Review post, we’re going to look further into how you can build a profitable business in the shortest possible time. Building yourself an online business that makes a decent income for you and your family can be hard work.

And one of the biggest problems for people just getting started is working out how to find the right kind of visitors and then get them to visit their websites. The kind of visitors who arrive there and buy something, instead just sucking up your bandwidth and not doing anything else.

IM Target Review – The Fastest Way To Win

So, what’s the fastest way to attract these kinds of visitors to your website? You know, those people who are pre-disposed to buying something from you if you make them an offer they are interested in? Is there some kind of secret that can help in attracting a big group of these premium prospects to your little neck of the internet woods?

Well actually, there is a kind of open secret that we always apply here at IM Target Review, and you should know, but most people simply miss the nuances in this online marketing thing. I’m going to put you out of your misery right now, and tell you the ‘secret’.

Here is this – Target the right kinds of keywords with your website if you want to attract the right kinds of visitors.

IM Target Review – So What Is Targeting The Right Keywords?

The key is this – you have to focus on the words and phrases that people in your niche are searching on when they are about to BUY a product, rather than the keyword phrases they use when they are just RESEARCHING which product they are going to buy.

Let’s look at an example directly from the IM Target Review case study files. Say somebody enters the keyword phrase ‘digital camera’ when they are looking for information in Google.

It would indicate they are most likely doing their initial research on digital cameras, and they probably aren’t ready to buy a digital camera immediately. But if they had searched for ‘digital camera reviews’, they are more likely to be thinking about buying a camera soon. They just aren’t sure which one yet.

IM Target Review – Here’s Where The Money Is…

Now how about the person who types in ‘fuji finepix s5000 digital camera’. They are in buying mode, and are looking for the right place to buy a Fuji FinePix S5000 digital camera. If your website is ranking at the top of Google, and you can offer them something better or a different buying experience than the other sites they visit, you will very likely get the sale.

And consider this – if your website portrays you as a likable, knowledgeable person who’s trying to help them find the best camera, that can also increase your chances of making the sale too. So remember, getting ranked for these kinds of ‘buying’ keywords lets you to attract buyers instead of freebee seekers, and you’ll make a lot more money in the process.

I hope this IM Target Review post has given you something to think about as you build your online business. And you can get everything you need to do just that at IM Target. Or if you’re not sure, read our IM Target Review to learn more.

IM Target Review – Do I Need A Product With IM Target?

IM Target Review

IM Target Review

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Since Anik’s new product launched, here at IM Target Review we’ve been asked this question a few times, “Do I need a product for IM Target?”

The answer is no – IM target has been developed to help beginners and people who aren’t already doing Ok online to get started using affiliate marketing. For that reason, you don’t have to have your own product, or indeed any experience to get started.

IM Target Review – You Don’t Need A Product, But You Do Have To take Action

Anik and his team have spent a lot of time creating a program a program that is so easy to use, there should be no problems for anybody who is committed to building an online business to succeed.

That said, while you do not need a product for IM Target, just like with anything else to do with business, there is no guarantee you will have massive success with IM Target or anything else. It boils down to you taking action and following the training, using the tools, and implement what you learn.

You can get everything you need to start a profitable online business at IM Target. Or you can read our IM Target Review for more info.

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IM Target Review


IM Target Review – What Are The IM Target Up-Sells?

IM Target Review

IM Target Review

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A few people have asked us here at IM Target Review what are the up-sells going to be once you buy the front-end product. You can learn more about the entire program and a full rundown on the course here in our IM Target Review.

But quickly, the up-sells you can choose from are:

The IM Target Instant Affiliate Packs, which are ready made affiliate review sites complete with SEO optimized articles, autoresponder messages, and more. These will let you get started immediately and cut your learning curve down by 80%.

Anik’s Profit Instrument Creator Tool which creates simple keyword focused websites for you with one or two clicks. This is one of the easiest website builders ever created, because it helps you to get new sites up and running in a couple of clicks.

The big-ticket up-sell is a group of complete, Ready To Go Websites that come with all of the content you need to get started with a large, profitable business even more quickly.

It all depends on what you want to achieve, and if you can see the extra value in the additional products and modules. The thing to remember is you do not need to buy any of the up-sells you are offered in order to profit from the core IM Target training.

You can get everything at IM Target. Or read our IM Target Review to learn more.

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IM Target Review


IM Target Review – Beware The IM Target Bonus Crap Stack

IM Target Review Bonus

IM Target Review Bonus

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With the launch of Anik’s IM Target, there’s been a flood of IM Target Bonus packages from affiliates all trying to cash in on the commissions being paid to promote the launch.

The thing is, most of these bonus packages fall into the ‘Crap Stack’ category. What is a Crap Stack? It’s where an affiliate stacks up a bunch of useless PLR or Reprints Rights products, and packages them up as a way of trying to boost the ‘value’ they are offering. The idea is if you purchase through their link, you get the package of extras.

IM Target Review – The LAST Thing You Need Is More To Do

But since IM Target is aimed at beginners and people who aren’t already making a decent income online, the LAST thing you need is MORE stuff to read and implement.

Think about it. IM Target gives you plenty of training and tools. When these clowns offer you more useless stuff that only serves to get you bogged down, are you going to be more likely to succeed or less?

The answer is obvious isn’t it. You’re going to suffer from being overwhelmed, which if you are new to this, is probably already one of the problems you’ve got. You don’t need more stuff to do. You need LESS to do, but you need to know how to do the right stuff.

IM Target Review – Get Personal Help Instead

So instead of giving you more cheap junk as a bonus when you order IM Target. I’ll give you something that will actually help you instead. So here’s the deal. If you order IM Target through my affiliate link, I’ll give you two hours of my personal time, one-on-one, where you can ask me anything you like about making money online, and I’ll help you.

I’ve been doing this for over 10 years, and normally charge $300 an hour for personal consulting. But you get 2 hours on the phone or Skype with me to help you sort out any problems you may have while you build your business using IM Target.

To grab this real bonus (rather than somebody’s useless Crap Stack), here’s all you have to do.

1 – Order IM Target through this link

2 – Send me a message through the Contact Form (link will open in a new window) and let me know your order number and contact information so we can get together on Skype.

3 – Get to work building your business without worrying about getting burnt out trying to follow a dozen different techniques that sidetrack you from what you really should be doing.

Looking forward to helping you with your IM target business,

Warm regards,

Rocky Tapscott

IM Target Review

IM Target Review – Get Paid For What You Love

IM Target Review

IM Target Review

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In this IM Target Review post, we’re going to talk about something that’s near and ear to most people’s hearts – getting paid to do something they love. While for most people, it’s merely a pipe dream, getting paid for doing something that excites and fulfills you really is possible. And the internet has made it easier that it has ever been in history to do.

So if you are you one of those people who would really love to earn a living doing something you love, here’s what many have found to be one of the best ways of doing it.

IM Target Review – Getting Paid For What You Love

One of the best ways to get paid for doing what you love is to build an online business around a hobby, skill or pastime you really enjoy.

The great thing about doing this is that once you’ve got your website up and running, if you follow the IM Target process, it can be a relatively hands off process to build and grow your business. The downside of promoting products related to your hobby is that most people who go this route find it very difficult to attract enough website traffic to make it viable enough for them to quit their day-job and earn a good living.

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending a whole lot of time and money building an online business, but never being able to make it pay. You’ll need to study both website building and traffic generation so you know how to attract customers to your site, but once you know what you are doing, there’s really nothing stopping you from growing as big and profitable as you’d like to be And of course, IM Target will help you to do all of this.

IM Target Review – But Here’s The Big Problem

But of course you have to start by finding somebody who can show you a proven system, along with examples of other people who have gone where you want to go before you. When you find a mentor to show you the ropes, your chances of succeeding are much higher than if you just try to wing it and go it alone.

Many IM Target Review readers tell us that since there are so many scams and dodgy MLM programs masquerading as legitimate businesses, that by the time you find something that really works, they’re usually so burnt out they just don’t have the mental energy left to make it successful.

That’s why Anik’s IM Target Program is so good. Anik has years of experience teaching people with all levels of experience how to make money online. This latest program is designed to help beginners to get started, while keeping them away from all the traps that trip up most people.

You can get IM Target here. Or you can read our IM Target Review here for all the details.

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IM Target Review

IM Target Review – Does List Size Matter?

IM Target Review

IM Target Review

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In this IM Target Review tutorial, we’re going to look at whether list size really matters. A lot of people put off building a list because they think they need thousands of subscribers to make any money. But the truth is that if you build the RIGHT kind of list, it doesn’t need to be huge to make a really good living.

The most important part of list building is getting started which is what IM Target is all about, because it doesn’t matter how many people you have on a list at the beginning, if you keep at it and follow the steps in this article, you’re going to be very happy with the results.

IM Target Review – Treat Your Readers Well

Now the first step is to treat the people you have on your list well, work hard to build a relationship with them. Give them helpful advice, honestly try to HELP them, regardless of whether they ever buy anything from you or not. You’ll find that you can make very good living from a list of a just a thousand people who know, like and trust you.

So the big question is how do you go about building a list of people like that? Well the best way to start is to find out exactly what the people in your market are hungry for. What’s the thing (or the things) that keep those people awake at night? And what kind of help do they need to get from where they are now, to where they want to be?

IM Target Review – You Actually Help People

Once you know those things, then give them stuff that actually HELPS them get there. You start off by giving them free products or information that helps them take the first couple of steps towards their big goal. And then you can sell them products or services that help them get the rest of the way.

And it’s not about pitching one product after another without a break. Ideally you should only have one product recommendation for every 4 or 5 pieces of useful content you send. When we send messages from IM Target Review, we use this ratio and find it works really well for us.

But I guess it’s more than that. You can mention a product in each message if you’re really aggressive, but think about how you feel when you get pitched all the time. Yeah, not much fun is it?

IM Target Review – Final Thoughts

If you want people to look forward to hearing from you, take it slow and steady and you’ll do a LOT better. If you do this right, you’ll find people go into a kinda trance when they get your messages, and buy more of the stuff you recommend. So not only will you be helping people, but you’ll make a lot more money as well. Kind nice business to be in, isn’t it?

I hope you’ve found this article helpful. You can grab IM Target here. To learn more about Anik’s IM Target program by reading our IM Target Review.



IM Target Review

IM Target Review – Buying Keywords

IM Target Review

IM Target Review

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In this article by Rocky, our IM Target Review editor, we’re going to discuss the fastest and easiest way to get traffic to virtually any website in any niche market. It is covered in detail in Anik Singal’s course IM Target, but we wanted to add to the conversation and make this point perfectly clear.

You can find lots of stuff written about on improving the rankings and traffic of your websites, but if you follow people who know what they are talking about, one theme comes through over and over.

And that is to get ranked in Google in this day and age, you MUST create content related to the specific keywords people are searching for. But it’s no use trying to rank for just any keywords. You want to build pages around the keywords people are searching for when they are about to BUY a product. IM Target will show you exactly how.

IM Target Review – Ranking For A Buying Keyword

Imagine you are thinking of buying a new golf driver, because you want to add extra length to your drives. You go to Google and start your research by entering the keyword phrase golf driver.

When IM Target Review searched for this keyword term, there were more than 150 million pages about golf drivers. That’s too many listings to look through to make a buying decision, but you start your research there anyway.

You look through the first 20 or so listings (, golf, etc.) and you see lots of people are recommending the Big Bertha driver, and it has some positive reviews from leading pros.

So next, you do a search for big bertha drivers and come up with.

Most of the sites you see are shopping sites with no real content, but a couple of them have articles related to Big Bertha drivers and how good they are.

Eventually you decide on buying the Big Bertha titanium 454 driver.

IM Target Review – The Money Is In Buying Keywords

You are have just become a BUYER, so you search for buy big bertha titanium 454 driver.

You are looking for the best price and delivery terms (hey you want it today now that it’s sooo close :-) and when you find it, you buy the driver right there and then.

Can you see the difference?

  • The keyword phrase golf drivers is a research keyword.
  • The keyword phrase big bertha divers refines the search further, but it’s not specific enough to make a buying decision on.
  • But buy big bertha titanium 454 driver is a buying phrase.

At IM Target Review, we build sites around these keyword phrases just like the training says. And you should too. These are the ‘money’ phrases where people will click through to your affiliate link to the merchant and buy the product you just reviewed.

It’s fairly easy to get laser targeted sites ranked for these keywords. And by finding the exact, specific model numbers of the products your affiliate merchants sell, and building keyword focused content pages for each one, you can clean up.

I hope this post helps you to get a LOT more out of Anik’s IM Target program. If you haven’t read our IM Target Review, you can see it here.



IM Target Review